ricky dean howard

bass & vocals

Ricky Dean Howard is a singer/songwriter from London. Ricky began his musical journey at the very young age of 2 as a drummer, hitting pots and pans with wooden spoons. He then moved on to a real drum set where his talent would grow, but at the age of 7 Ricky decided that he wanted to play guitar. His Father, Audial's Dean Howard, original lead guitarist in 80's pop group T'pau, gave him his first guitar. From that day on Ricky has not stopped playing. He is self-taught with every instrument that he can play.

Ricky played in a few bands alongside Audial's David Domminney Fowler and contributed to some of the tracks of David's solo album 'Post-Everything'.

His first single 'Tears Will Fall' charted in Germany just after the Audial album was completed.

Ricky was very happy to guest on the Audial album alongside his dad and friends.