dean howard


Dean was lead guitarist for T'pau from 87-91. After T'pau split he joined Ian Gillan's band touring 26 countries throughout '92-'93. This ended when he rejoined Deep Purple.

'94-'95 was taken up with his own band The Herbs who recorded an album called The Other Side. They toured Europe 3 times and supported Thunder and Status Quo. '96 saw him join Bad Company for a 13 week tour of the US partly with Ted Nugent and partly with Lynyrd skynyrd.

In 2003 he planned my return to music by recording an album entitled 'Dean Howard Vol 1' which featured 3 of my friends guesting, Ian Gillan, Danny Bowes and Toby Jepson. They all sang 1 song each, the rest of the vocals were done by Audial's own David Domminney Fowler who fronted the band. Audial's Andres Luengo played drums on the album. They toured supporting Deep Purple in 2004. In 2005 he played on 2 tracks on Ian Gillans album Gillans Inn, Ian also performed at the Tommy Vance memorial concert at the Royal Albert Hall which Dean also joined him for and in 2006 Ian toured the US and Canada once again with Dean in his band.

In '07 Dean (and Andres) joined Toby Jepson's band, and after two 5 track eps and 2 tours it disbanded. In '09 he joined the reformed Airrace.